What should one pay attention to when buying a baby monitor?


What do I mean by reach? Each baby monitor has a wireless method to connect the pieces together. Think of the connection between the camera/microphone/ sensor with the screen and the speaker.

What we can deduce from this is that the open field range has no value if we want to know how far the baby monitor is at home. Determining the actual reach of such a device is difficult because there are more obstacles within a house. In addition, each person lives differently and the number of walls and the thickness of these is different for everyone. As a general rule: take the range of open air and divide it by 6For example, 360 meters in an open field would mean a range of 60 meters.

Sound sharpness

What exactly do I mean by sharpness? Consider the sound quality of the baby monitor. In the case of a baby monitor with a camera, you should also take into account the quality of the image. Well, you should not be able to hear all the details that happen in the room (which may even be negative, that’s what happened to me). The priority is that you can hear the baby cry and possibly move clearly. In case the baby monitor is very sensitive, you can get a lot of background noise. This is very annoying and often makes you turn off the baby monitor … and this is not what you want.


Each baby monitor uses a frequency level to send the sound and the image to the speaker and the monitor. You can compare this with wifi (sometimes it’s also wifi). Like Wi-Fi, these frequencies often suffer interference. You can think of walls as I mentioned earlier, but other neighbors’ baby monitors or telephone signals are a factor of interference. You have baby monitors that solve it, like Philips Avent, which uses SafeConnect technology. This automatically changes the frequency level if necessary.